Qt Model Utilities  0.0.1
A set of utilities for the model/view framework of Qt
Qt Model Utilities Documentation

This library is a collection of utilities for Qt's Model/View framework.


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Official Binary Release

If your system is compatible with one of the 5 main platforms you can download the pre-compiled dinamically linked library from the releases page.

Build from Source

This library uses CMake as build system and allows usage both using static and dynamic linking. See INSTALL for detailed build instructions.

Use the source directly

If you use qmake (Qt Creator), you can include the entire source of the library directly in your code by adding include(path/to/source/modelutilities.pri) in your .pro file.


The library should be compatible with all platform supported by Qt, the CI will build, test and deploy the following configurations:

A reduced suite of tests, to ensure compatibility, is also run on:


See the examples folder


Available online

Docs can, alternatively, be built using Doxygen and the DoxygenConfig.doxyfile file in the Docs foldes.



Contributions are welcome. You can either open a ticket or submit a pull request on the project's GitHub page.

Contributed code should adhere to the Qt Coding Style Guide.